Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pantone Switching It Up!?!

Pantone just announced a NEW Seasonal Schedule and a NEW Color for Spring 2014.

A.K.A. Radiant Orchid is OUT.
Not Cool, Pantone. Not. Cool.
Image via Apartment Therapy
 While I like the idea of changing it quarterly to relate more to each season, personally, I like to see how designers can incorporate the same color throughout the entire year (by changing the decor around it or using lighter/darker shades of the color)... truly seeing how versatile the color can be!  Also, I am obsessed with Radiant Orchid so that adds even more fuel to my fire. (Am I making any sense or am I just talking crazy and caring about unimportant subject matters???)

Here are some examples:

This first image seems very Spring-like to me with the light walls, light colored bedding, and light tones of "radiant orchid" used.  Isn't this room beautiful?  I love how the touches of blue mix with the purple in the artwork.  (This picture actually inspired me to add some purple touches to my mostly light blue master bedroom - photos to come!)
Image via House & Home

This image seems more fall-like to me.  I love how the rich wood tones, brass and berry-like hues add a deeper dimension to this room.  I seriously LOVE what Kate did with this space (using beautiful World Market goodies!)
Image via Centsational Girl

So I'm not sure if I made my point to any of you but, basically, I'm just not ready to see Radiant Orchid go! :)

I mean, look what they are replacing her with...
Image via Apartment Therapy
Definitely not as good (in my humble opinion.)  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE green.  It is my FAVORITE color.  This, however, is just too abrasive and bright for my eyes :)  I prefer a green with more blue tones rather than yellow.  Most likely, the only way I will be incorporating this color is with lots of plants!

Here is an image of how it's incorporated in the home.
Image via Apartment Therapy

Anyway, just thought I would give you an update in case you hadn't heard the "big" news!

This better be an April Fool's Joke... oh, wait...! :)