Monday, September 29, 2014

{Wife Approved} Man Cave Makeover!

Hey Everyone!

I've recently been given a unique opportunity to help with a new company's marketing campaign.  The company is called Man Crates, Gifts For Men and they ship fun gifts for men in custom wooden crates that you even have to open with a crowbar!  Their mission is to end the difficulties that have long been associated with buying gifts for men.

To coincide with their "Man Cave Makeover" Campaign, I've been asked to create a design board featuring gifts a guy could use to decorate his man cave; taking it from lame to stylish!

The man cave is a ritualistic spot where men retreat in order to watch sports with friends, spill beer, shout at the TV, and tell the same 8 stories over and over again. Man caves come in all sorts of interesting shapes and spaces, be it in a basement, a garage or the classic shed.  However, as original as these spaces are, when it comes to decor they tend to all look the same. A cheap neon beer sign (or beer mirror), a dart board and of course a mini fridge.  That is the case NO LONGER (or at least at my house, hehe!)

I used my hubby as inspiration and created the following mood board!  Hope you enjoy!

Good, right?!  Let's start with the foundation.  I chose Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore the walls.  It's a nice neutral backdrop, perfect for a dark cave-like basement.
I chose an indoor/outdoor rug from Overstock to combat those beer spills!  It's currently on sale and you can snag a 6'7"x9'6" size for $141.94 - what a steal!
I wanted the lighting to have an industrial feel.  I love this Pendant Light DIY by Design Dump using a cheap Home Depot light fixture.  I may just have to recreate this someday!  I also LOVE this Industrial Grid Wall Sconce from West Elm.  It feels like modern version of a neon sign you'd typically see in a man cave! 

Martino Leather Sofa - Furniture - Macy's
This leather sofa from Macy's is perfect for stain-resistance and durability AND it is still stylish.  The clean lines give it a modern feel and the warm caramel color keeps it from looking too dark and dated.  It's a far cry from the typical bulky, shiny leather couches most man caves have.

Bali Toss Pillow Collection
Night Blue Herringbone Cotton Throw Pillow | World Market
These pillows add a pop of color to the room and are also a great price! (here and here)

Vintage Montana Postcard: Many Glacier Region, Glacier National Park, Mont. -- Photo by Hileman.    Great 1930s linen postcard in excellent Nate Berkus™ Studded Wall Mirror
Hanging above the sofa I chose a vintage postcard of Glacier National Park, which is one of Justin's favorite places.  All it needs is a nice matted frame to make a larger statement.  Next is this drool-worthy Nate Berkus wood/studded mirror.  I wish I had a spot in my house for this guy!  And last but not least, this creepy teddy bear photograph by Kent Rogowski!  The artist dissected the bear and sewed him back together inside out.  You may think I'm weird for choosing it... BUT when I first saw it, I was reminded of the teddy bear on Breaking Bad (Justin's FAVE show)... don't you think?!?
Maybe just a little?  Well anyway, I like to keep things a little weird, and he matches my red shelving unit!
This coffee table from World Market provides warm wood tones to the room and is sturdy enough to withstand those rowdy game days.
This slate coaster set from West Elm is the perfect masculine touch and will keep your coffee table free of ring marks.  Bonus:  they can also be monogrammed!  This book from Crate and Barrel chronicles nearly 500 beer cans collected from 30 countries - a fun read for beer lovers :) andddd it's on clearance.
This Target metal accent table is a great price.  The brass color gives the room more warmth and it is virtually indestructible!  Just add a little braided hardy succulent for some color!

UO X Crosley AV Room Portable USB Vinyl Record Player - Urban Outfitters KALLAX Shelving unit - high gloss red - IKEA
Now for my favorite part!  I got my hubby this record player (in a different color) a few years ago and he LOVES it.  Not only does it look totally AWESOME, but it is also easily portable and has an auxiliary connection so you can plug in your iPod!  We listen to records all the time now.  The Ikea Kallax shelving unit is perfect for record storage (Justin has TONS) and I love this glossy red color they offer - and SUCH a great price at $64.99.

Records are always a great gift for guys (if they have a player, of course!)  Here are a few recommendations for the indie rock lover in your life!  (Beck, Flaming Lips, and Goastt)

Well that's it!  What do you think?  I'd love to hear your comments.  Are there any unique gifts for men that you've seen lately?  How would you decorate a man cave!?

Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 19, 2014

What's Your Decor Style?

Hey All!

Domaine Home (one of my favorite design blogs) posted a fun quiz today that I wanted to share - What's your Decor Style?!  I got CALIFORNIA ECLECTIC, which I LOVE.  It says:  "You love the combination of midcentury modern lines with organic pieces, ethnic textiles, and plenty of plant life. An expert at layering, you never met a brass accent piece or large-scale photograph you didn’t like."  Totally reminds me of Emily Henderson, my idol! :)  I love the easiness and casual vibe you get from this style - for the most part I would say it is pretty accurate (especially the brass accent piece part!)

Take the QUIZ and let me know what your style is!  Do you think your results are accurate?

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dining Room Evolution

Hello - it's been quite awhile!  Although I haven't posted since Spring, I have been quite busy working, plotting and planning all of the home projects I want complete (more on that later). :-)

Today, I wanted to share photos of my dining room!

When Justin and I purchased our home in January 2012, our dining room looked like this:

AHHH!  A little heavy on the burgundy, no?  This room was so dark and dated.  I mean, those silky curtains?!?!?  The pealing wallpaper?  The light fixture also wasn't my fave, but I knew I could get some $$ for it on Craigslist to use toward the redecorating!  It all had to go!

When choosing paint colors for our home, I normally go the soft/neutral route and add pops of color... BUT for this room I really wanted to go BOLD.  I thought ripping out the wallpaper and adding white wainscoting would really add some character, brighten the room and also balance out that BOLD color I wanted.  I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore, Surf Blue. 

Here's what she looked like after the paint job!
 Don't mind the ugly brown ottoman.  I used to let my puppies sit there and look out the window until I realized that Wylie (my papillon) was EATING THE WINDOW SILL!!!  Literally.  Let's just say we got rid of the ottoman and I had a fun day of trying to recreate a window sill with wood putty (white window sheers help to disguise it now :)!!!)

I love this paint color so much - so bright and fun!  I think my whole family thought I was a little cuckoo when I showed them the paint swatch, but they are all on board now!  My MCM dining room table was a Craigslist find and comes with 3 leaves.  Our beautiful credenza is a Broyhill found at one of our favorite STL shops, Momoderne, and so was our awesome Sputnik light!  Justin bought me the light for my birthday!!

Over the past couple years I have slowly collected and added to this room and it feels so much more complete.  Here is what our dining room looks like today:
So pretty.

I will never tire of my sputnik light or my mirror! 

The bar cart is vintage and belonged to my great aunt.  It was in pretty rough condition, but is looking good after a fresh coat of gold spray paint.

This cute little chair is from Justin's grandmother and fits perfectly in this corner.  I love the spindle-y legs!

The lamps are from TJMaxx.  I love how they have an acrylic base!  The brass planter is a thrift find and used to have a beautiful living orchid in it until I accidentally killed it... oops.  I bought a nice fake stem from Hobby Lobby and no one can tell the difference... Shhh!  Now, I don't have to ever worry about watering it again ;)  The antler was found by Justin while he was hunting for morel mushrooms...mmmm...!

 I just purchased these two upholstered chairs from TJ Maxx.  I love the Greek Key pattern and the color looks great in the room. 

And just for fun, I decided to set my table for {an imaginary} dinner party!

The rug is from RugsUSA and I purchased it over Labor Day weekend for 70% OFF!!!!  Talk about bargain!

One last before and after:



I hope you love it as much as I do!  Have a great weekend!