Friday, October 11, 2013

HomeGoods HAPPY!

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to share some photos of my ALMOST complete living room.  When we originally moved in we painted the walls a lovely "greige" color and our huge TV wall was painted a darker gray.  While I LOVED the dark gray color, we just didn't get enough natural light in the space, which made things very dark and dreary, so I recently painted the accent wall a much lighter color.  I have been on a mission over the last few months to transform our space from "dark & dreary" to "light and bright!"  I hope you love the outcome as much as I do!

(PS - the area behind the couch, the fireplace, and the curtain situation is all still under construction!!) :)

 I'm in love with my new HomeGoods rug!  It's a Calvin Klein and it has metallic spots all over it (which makes it a little tricky to photograph, but it is GORGEOUS in person)!  So far, my dogs have treated it very well - fingers crossed - but they go in and out of the back patio door at least 200 times per day.  I might end up having to move it to a less-traffic area though, we shall see.

This is my HomeGoods miracle photograph.  Everybody knows that when you see something you like at HomeGoods you MUST buy it on the spot or you will NEVER see that baby again.  Well........I broke this cardinal rule when I first saw this picture.  I immediately loved it but at $80, I wasn't willing to spend that kind of money and thought I could find something similar for much less.  Well it turns out that after researching other horse photographs, to get buy one in a size that large and to get it framed would end up costing me a few hundred dollars - yikes!!  So, of course, when I went back to HomeGoods, my beloved horses had been sold.  However, about a month later, I found the same photograph again (that seriously NEVER happens to me!)  So here it is in all its glory!

On another note, I recently submitted photos to A Thoughtful Place Blog's Instagram account (follow her, she ROCKS!) for her Friday EyeCandy feature.  This time she is featuring "HomeGoods Happy" Spaces.  My living room has TONS of HomeGoods finds:  The black and white chevron pillow, the brass pharmacy floor lamp, my new rug!, the blue velvet studded pillow, the blue chinoiserie pillow, the white furry blanket on my couch, and my horse photograph that I am somewhat obsessed with :)

Visit her post today to see all of the gorgeous spaces, and to see which two lucky gals won a $50 HomeGoods gift card - (hint hint, one of them you may know!)

Have a great weekend!  I'm about to leave for Chicago with my mama!!


  1. Em! Love your space and how you have it decorated. You truly have a talent. I wish we lived closer... I'm in DIRE need of help in terms of decoration our home (that we may or may not have lived in for 4 years now!). I have no direction, no solid ideas, oh, and no time :(

    Love, from your newest follower...

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! I wish you guys were closer, too! If you ever decide to redecorate, I would LOVE to help :)

  2. you need to put up new pictures that include your recently rehabbed chair...:)

  3. Love how you've decorated the space! I just saw the Calvin Klein in my Home Goods location and was happy to find your blog with the rug in action. Super jealous of your floor pharmacy lamp steal too.


    1. I'm so glad you found my page! I got the rug last fall and (knock on wood) it is still very clean and holding up great - even with two doggies! Love the vintage one that you scored!