Thursday, May 19, 2016

Palms Kitchen Reno - The Demo & the Details

Tuesday marked 1 month since we started the kitchen demolition!  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see how the space started out and how the demo phase went!

And now the DEMO:

Where the fridge will go.

Unfortunately that plumbing has to stay :(

Goodbye wall!

And then the ceiling fell.  This is nothing new to us because it almost happened in our living room, too.  During that fiasco we were able to screw it back up and save it, but this time around we were not as lucky.  Back when our house was built in the 70s, they used 1" NAILS to hang our ceiling... so frustrating and dangerous!  At least only half of it fell?!

Now with the drywall and lighting roughed in:

I’m happy to say that we now have our cabinets installed (still working on putting the drawers together), our appliances will be delivered TODAY, and on Friday we get measured for our quartz counters!  A busy week.  I will continue to share on these details in the coming weeks.

While I did share details of our kitchen cabinetry last week, I have yet to discuss the other details (you know, the good stuff!)  Here is a look at my inspiration board:

The counters will be a light quartz that mimics the beautiful veining of Carrera marble.  The veining on my slab is very faint, which is exactly what I was going for… I didn’t want it to look too busy.  It was hard to get a great photo of it, but here is a sneak peek:

For the backsplash tile, I wanted to keep it classic:  white beveled subway tile with white grout.  I will most likely do a traditional offset pattern, but I have also toyed with the idea of having the bottom row placed vertically, with the rest in an offset pattern like so:


What are your thoughts?  I’m open to ideas.

I plan on warming up the space with bamboo roman shades, the wood open shelving, brass lighting, laminate flooring, and a couple blue Persian rugs (still on the hunt for the perfect ones).  I have also pondered the idea of backing my glass front cabinets with grass cloth.  Still not sure!  I’m going to see how it looks this weekend.

To help alleviate some of the costs for this renovation, I started purchasing certain items last fall so I wouldn’t have to spend such a huge chunk of money all at once.  The pendants, wall sconce, sink faucet, and bar stools (had to buy 2 extra recently now that I have seating for 6) have been patiently waiting in my basement for several months now.  One was a Black Friday purchase, one a Christmas present and I had good coupons to use for the others!  I would only recommend this if you are DEAD set on your overall vision and have the details already planned out.  Otherwise you would end up with a bunch of items you cannot return!  As I stated in a previous post, we are keeping our current hardware, so that also helps a lot to save money (even though I did have to buy more pulls).

Next week I’ll share some updates on the cabinet install and give more details on my selections.

Have a great week!



  1. Aaahhhhh it's looking so good! I can't wait to see it all together! (And those pendants are gorgeous - especially can't wait to see those :) )
    ...I need to get my crap together and blog more!

    1. Thanks for reading, Megan!!! The pendants were installed yesterday and they look pretty fabulous. Can't wait to show you :)

      Have you guys done any updates on the Haus lately?